Winter fishing

The main objects in winter fishing are perch, pike, zander, silver bream, rudd and dace.
First ice – is like a celebration for fisherman.
And you have to prepare for this celebration from summer!
Person, who wants to experience a fishing happiness in winter must be carefully ready, that winter fishing will be joyful and interesting.

In Schukino twice more comfortable. That’s why:

  • Freezers for the catch
  • We’ll deliver you to the place of catch
  • Services of experienced huntsman
  • Snowmobiles with carts for winter delivery to the place of catch
  • Our cook will cook your catch for you
  • Sauna and Russian bath
  • Rest for the whole family
  • Rooms with all amenities


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Necessary tackles – are fishing anglers:

  1. Miniature fishing Rod;
  2. Spoon bait – hook with metal droplet;
  3. Fine thin line – minimum 0.08, maximum 0.3 mm, up to 25 meters long (with a margin);
  4. Gaff;
  5. Depth gauge for determining depth of the fishing place;
  6. Disgorger or tweezers – to extract a deeply sw­allowed hook;
  7. Feeding trough;
  8. Moth chamber – to save the nozzle;
  9. Winder – for reserve leads with hooks;
  10. Box with many compartments;
  11. Needle file – for sharpening hooks;
  12. Box for the winter fishing;
  13. Ice boer for drilling holes.

Necessary nozzles:

  1. Moth,
  2. Burdock,
  3. Maggots,
  4. Dough,
  5. Whitebait,
  6. Leech,
  7. Spoon bait,
  8. Perch’s eye,
  9. Artificial nozzles

Winter fishing is interesting, because any part of water reservoir is accessible from the ice. Thin and pure ice gives possibility to find flocks of fish effortlessly.
In the first 10 days always excellent nibble of perch is observed for all daylight hours.
You need to have maximum knowledge about habits of perch, way of life to get this trophy.
Basically small and medium-sizes perch inhabits near bank and in the shallow water. Flocks of the perch are kept at the depth more than half meter in the windows of aquatic vegetation. Herewith, ice should be frosted or covered with snow. Perches leave this place, if water level drops.
Perch inhabits near aquatic vegetation, in the beginning of formation of the full ice.
Perch comes out to the feeding on the smooth and clean part of bottom in the morning, but on the short period of time. Perch’s favorite place is bumpy bottom. Large specimens are met in a flooded riverhead or ravine. Perch is met rarely in the riverhead, which is engaged by others fishes.
Places, where perches inhabit constantly are potholes on the bottom, flooded snags, roads, promontory, stony shelters. Perch prefers more dark places. If sunlight gets into the holes, here will be no nibble.
Better don’t use lure, when you catch perch on the first ice. It’ll aggravate business. Spoon-bait and nozzle should be used proven, and after that, if it doesn’t work, you can start to experiment with others.

You should choose by yourself what fish you’ll catch:

  1. Small perch near bank, where is good nibble
  2. Or large perch at the depth, but chance to catch it less, than catch small perch.


Winter fishing is really interesting and enthralling hobby. Exactly it brings happiness and creates romance, when you fishing. What about advantages of winter fishing, you can get to any available place for catching fish. Currently, chargeable fishing exists.
You can go to such fishing with your family, relax, fry a shish kebab, enjoy beautiful winter nature, it’s a plus.
You can catch many different fishes in the period if winter fishing. The most important thing, which you have to know, how, when and what to catch this or that fish.
For example, if you want to catch pike, you must to take a lot of force, because pike’s activity decreases in winter. You need to know following: basically in winter time pike hides in the stones, thickets of grass. You have the highest probability to catch pike, when water reservoir ­just becomes covered ice, than in the late winter. At the same time, it’s necessary to drill as many holes as possible (about 10). If it doesn’t help, you have to go to the other place and go on attempts to catch the pike.
The result depends on what kind of tackles you use. The most successful tackle is spoon, it’s about 50-80 mm long, what is more they must be different colors. Towards the end of winter, you can purchase small-sizes spoon.
At the same time, you can use beam and zherlitsa (kind of fishing tackle) to catch pike. It’s necessary to drill a few holes, when you use beam. The size of beam should be not more than 5 cm. You can catch pike on the zherlitsa both at the depth and in coastal places.
In winter you can catch such fish as bream. Bream is really shy fish, that’s why it’s necessary to drill holes quieter, on distance 5-7 meters apart. If you will find a flock of bream and attack them, you’ll catch many fishes. Bream is located near water reservoir’s channel in winter. You can use fishing rod with spoon-bait, methodically checking all holes.
In winter you can catch perch. Especially after 2-3 weeks, when ice is formed. You have to choose calm and windless weather to catch perch. Nibble is good at the evening. Perch likes to locate in various thickets, changes in depth. In winter, perch is caught in the beam and spoon.
At the same time you can catch other different fishes. Winter fishing is interesting and unforgettable business. It has got many feature and pleasures, especially then you have got good catch.
Happy fishing!


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