Summer fishing in Schukino

Our center is located 130 kilometers from city Nizhni Novgorod, on the left bank of the river Volga. It is ideal for summer fishing. Summer fishing on the river Volga will be successful for you and will bring a good catch. Here you can catch catfish, zander, asp, ide, pike, bream, perch and others. Besides, you can brag to your friends, if you will catch your trophy up to 5 kilograms. Here have been cases, when guests caught pikes and zanders with weight 5-8 kilograms, catfish 15-30 kilograms, and a bunch of the other fishes. This is good arguments to choose our center for fishing.

What advantages of summer fishing has center Schukino over others fishing center of the river Volga?

РFishing and infrastructure for it.

Developed infrastructure, which is oriented for easy fishing:

  1. Boat pier, you can come to us by water.
  2. Accommodation in double rooms or suite rooms, with all conveniences.
  3. 3 meals a day in restaurant, which included in the accommodation price.
  4. Rent of motor boats and launches.
  5. Secure parking.

Besides, there are:

  1. Pier and beach;
  2. Fishing shop, where you can find all you need for summer fishing;
  3. Chess, backgammon, darts;
  4. Russian billiard;
  5. Summer house with brazier;
  6. Russian bath.